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ActivInspire is a collaborative sầu lesson delivery software for interactive displays. Known và loved by educators around the world, ActivInspire provides a vast suite of tools to lớn create và deliver dynamic lessons.

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Create Interactive Lessons

ActivInspire’s intuitive dashboard and vast suite of award-winning lesson creation tools are purposefully designed for teachers lớn engage students with compelling content.


Leverage Existing Resources

Teachers can easily import their existing resources, such as PowerPoint slides and PDFs, và embed multimedia files.

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Enhance Student Engagement

Encourage student collaboration at the front of the class with multi-touch functionality & quality engagement features like interactive sầu math tools, Spotlight, và more.


Download on Your Platform

New Interactive Activities!

Teachers now have new ways to engage with fully customizable, interactive sầu activities. Choose from 10 premade templates, including Matching, Flash Cards, Crossword, Memory, và more. Teachers can quickly tailor each activity based on subject matter và invite multiple students to lớn the front of the class lớn interact with full screen, multi-touch capability.

Discover the myPromethean Resource Library

Lesson engagement is just a few clicks away. The myPromethean Resource Library provides ActivInspire users with access lớn over 30,000 không lấy phí Flipcharts that have sầu been created by teachers, for teachers. Teachers can easily search, filter, pđánh giá, and download Flipcharts – saving valuable lesson preparation time.

Learn Promethean Training Hub

Promethean is continually investing in and developing new ActivInspire training resources that can help you with effectively integrating ActivInspire lesson delivery software inkhổng lồ your classroom. Visit the Learn Promethean Training Hub to discover new ActivInspire tips, tricks, videos, và more!