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Your diesel or gasoline engine doesn’t sound lượt thích a real car? It would be the best lớn sound like an eight-cylinder engine?No problem. The Sound Booster Pro by KUFATEC makes this happen – for electric vehicle as well.

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KUFATEC produces the Sound Booster Pro for almost every car make and Mã Sản Phẩm. Especially in times of heightened environmental awareness & lower consumption of fuel the Sound Booster Pro is the perfect solution for a tuneful exhaust sound. You neither need a gas-guzzling V8-engine nor an expensive exhaust system for giving your car a sound like it"s large engined. The best part about it: the Active sầu Sound System can easily switched on & off at the touch of a button.» Find Sound Booster for your car


Controllable with the new KUFATEC Link App

With our new tiện ích "KUFATEC Link" you can now control and adjust your Sound Booster with your smartphone. Our new Sound Booster module has a Công nghệ Bluetooth connection và can be linked to your điện thoại thông minh. With the phầm mềm you can change profiles andedit them in detail - every possibility you already know from our software. Simply tải về KUFATEC Link from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Download at Google Play Store Download at App Store

Your cars original look remainsNo welding or drilling (specific kit)Deep V6/V8 engine tone with a touch of a buttonFree software và updates

Control with điện thoại thông minh appProduct adjustment via remote maintenanceUp to lớn 6 tone profiles adjustable by your ownNo power loss

Different tones with other external sound modules

The external connected ESM (external sound module) can be selected in the software since firmware 2.79 and software You get the sounds, which other manufacturers are using for their cars.

You can exchange the standard delivered ESM by Audi (4G0 907 160B)for following ESMs without any further adapter:

Audi: 8R0 907 160 (SQ5) VW: 5G0 907 160 (Golf 7 GTD)

You need special adapters for these external modules:

BMW: 65122359322 Maserati: 670030871, 670030637, 670036582, 670100039, 670102513

After replacing the ESM, the module has to be selected inthe software. The diagrams need khổng lồ be adjusted in accordance with that.

Listen lớn the Sound

The sound of the KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro is hardly distinguishable from an original V6- or V8-engine.

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You can select from 6 tone profiles, which sound almost identical on every car-Model because the generation of the noise is using the same system. You can always handle the volume. This is important if you drive through a noise protection zone, where a certain volume mustn’t be exceeded. Create own tone profiles


Individual tone profiles with the Sound Booster software

You can set adjustments for your desired enginetone easily with the KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro software. Create your own sound profile và load it into your Sound Booster.What"s special about it? – You decide how loud you want to lớn have sầu the Active Sound Systemdepending on the revolutions per minute. Discover all the possibilities of our software và the variety of the profiles!

Free download

Intensify Boost

The Intensify Boost Kit is the tăng cấp for sound generators installed ex works. This kit allows you khổng lồ intensify the Active Sound System which is already implemented in your car by the vehicle manufacturer. Of course you can use the KUFATEC Software with this kit as well to create your own tone profiles....read more about Intensify BoostDoes this kit match?

Vehicle Specific

This kit is exactly customized for a specific car và can be installed atthe car without welding or drilling. We did a demo installation with this kit and adjusted everything especially for this specific vehicle. The special holder enables an easy installation and especially a firm grip và therefore lots of security.

Easily increase your exhaust sound!...read moreIs there a vehicle specific kit for me?

Universal Installation Outside


With the universal kit you can equip almost every car which has no specific kit.If your car fulfill the requirements for an Active sầu Sound System, however, you need khổng lồ weld. For adjustments in the software we are gladly at your disposal....learn more about thisCan I install this kit in my car?

Universal Installation Inside


The universal kit for the installation inside differs from the installation outside kit only from the mountingplace.

Exactly like our "outside" kit this kit is almost suitable for every oto, which has no vehicle specific kit. Learn more about the differences here....more detailsIs this the right kit?

Electric Vehicle

Electric cars are a very brilliant invention, but have sầu a huge disadvantage in sounding.

Driving ecology-minded but not waiving a rich engine tone is possible with the Sound Booster Pro. The consumption of the oto doesn’t change, & at the same time the engine sounds lượt thích much more power....more about thisCan my electric car be equipped?


With our extension kits you can expand your Active sầu Sound System even more.

Enjoy an even more increased tone experience with a second Sound Booster or use the new remote control for your bunch of keys to switch the Active Sound on or off or change the protệp tin comfortably.

You can also exchange the external sound module by Audi forthe one by Maserati lớn design the nuances in timbre even moresporty.See all extensions

Got questions?Sound Booster Pro Hotline: +49 (0) 4551 80 810 888

If your question isn"t answered in the FAQ-section, ask it via our liên hệ form, via e-mail or Điện thoại tư vấn our Sound Booster Pro Điện thoại tư vấn. (The Hotline is exclusively for questions about the hàng hóa itself.)