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A lot of things that become notorious after a while start with a dream và a handful of people that believe in it. The dream we"re going to talk about today is that of being able lớn sover full text and graphics documents using gmail that can be viewed on any machine and any selected document could be printed locally, changing the way that information is managed. Today, this isn"t something out of ordinary, but this is what John Warnock from Adobe was dreaming at the beginning of the last decade.The first time this technology made it khổng lồ the public eyes and years was in 1991, when it was called Interchange PostScript, but the next year, at Comdex Fall, this new công nghệ called PDF 1.0 won a "best of Comdex" award. On the 15th of June 1993, the tools required to lớn create & read files using this new document format were launched. Everything that followed is history, & today things look great - the PDF format supports a lot of features, và the last version of Adobe Acrobat Professional, the tool used khổng lồ create PDFs and to manipulate them in various ways is here waiting lớn be reviewed...After almost two years since the last version, 7, which was released in January 2005, Adobe takes out the new weapon called Adobe Acrobat Professional 8. This version was released a few days ago, and its thiết lập package is 263MB in kích thước. To install this program you"ll have khổng lồ own almost 1GB of không lấy phí space on your hard drive sầu, but this kích cỡ doesn"t come just to host a nice interface và a comprehensive sầu documentation, since what we have sầu here is a heavy-weight champion, as we are already used with most Adobe products.

Product Features

Enable anyone using không tính tiền Adobe Reader software (version 7.0 or 8) to participate in document Reviews, fill và save sầu electronic forms offline, và digitally sign documents.Combine documents, drawings, và rich truyền thông media nội dung into a single, polished Adobe PDF document. Optimize tệp tin size and arrange files in any order regardless of tệp tin type, dimensions, or orientation.Send documents for reviews và traông xã which reviewers have contributed feedbachồng. Compile comments into lớn a single PDF document with one-button ease & sort them by author, date, or page.Create Adobe PDF documents with one-button ease from Microsoft Office applications. Windows users can also create Adobe PDF documents from Outlook, Internet Explorer, Project, Visio, Access, quảng cáo trên internet, AutoCAD, và Lotus Notes.Combine multiple files as PDF documents in a searchable, sortable PDF package that maintains the individual security settings and digital signatures of each included PDF document.