Bat an eye là gì

bat an eye

To display a subtle emotional reaction, such as consternation, annoyance, sadness, joy, etc. Generally used in the negative to denote that the person in question did not display even a hint of an emotional response. Mary didn"t even bat an eye when I told her I was moving out. That guy is dangerous. I heard he killed a man without batting an eye.See also: bat, eyeSee also:

bat an eye

flinch or blink, show a sign of guilt or shame When they asked him about the crime, he didn"t bat an eye. His expression didn"t change.

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bat an eye/eyelash

show surprise, fear or interest; show one

bat an eye|bat|bat an eyelash|eye|eyelash

v. phr., informal To show surprise, fear, or interest; show your feelings. Used in negative sentences. When I told hyên the price of the car he never batted an eye. Bill told his story without batting an eyelash, although not a word of it was true. Compare: STRAIGHT FACE.

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Bat an eyelid

If someone doesn"t bat an eyelid, they don"t react or show any emotion when surprised, shocked, etc.

Not bat an eye

If someone doesn"t bat an eye, they bởi not react when other people normally would.

not bat an eyelid

Idiom(s): not bat an eyelidTheme: STABILITYlớn show no signs of dibức xúc even when something bad happens or something shocking is said.• Sam didn"t bat an eyelid when the mechanic told hyên how much the oto repairs would cost.• The pain of the broken arm must have hurt Sally terribly, but she did not bat an eyelid.
basher bashing basic basic bitch basic decency basinful basis bask bask in bask in reflected glory bask in the glow of approval (from someone) basket basket case basket house Basra belly bass bass-ackward bass-ackwards bastard bastardly gullion basted bat bat (one's) eyelashes bat (one's) eyes bat a thousvà bat an eye bat an eyelash bat an eyelid bat around bat away bat five sầu hundred bat for both sides bat for both teams bat for the other side bat for the other team bat in (one or more runs) bat one thousand bat out bat the breeze bat your eyelashes/eyes batch batch it bath bathe bathe in bathe in reflected glory bathe/bask in reflected glory bathroom bathtub bathtub crank bathtub gin not enough room khổng lồ swing a mèo not care two hoots about not buy not breathe a word of not breathe a word about not born yesterday not believe one"s eyes not bat an eyelid not all sth is cracked up khổng lồ be not agree with not able khổng lồ wait not able to see the forest for the trees not able khổng lồ make anything out of not able lớn go on
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