Delta Cast Resin Busway System

With the brvà vision “Smarter, Greener, Together,” Delta has utilized its industry-leading power electronics technology to lớn develop a flexible, safe, và reliable Busway systems, BR series and BL series. Different from a conventional power cable system or sandwich busway solutions, Delta has adopted epoxy cast resin technology to significantly increase ingress protection cấp độ, safety, and reliability. Delta"s solution is igiảm giá khuyến mãi for use in a variety of industries & climate conditions. Thanks lớn the outstanding electrical và mechanical properties of resin, these busways have sầu reduced dimensions, a simplified structure, extended service life, and improved reusability. More importantly, Delta’s Busways provide excellent energy-savings lớn help our customers enjoy substantial savings on their electriđô thị bills.

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Customer’s Value

Flexible modular thiết kế allows easy disassembly, reconstruction, and expansion as well as high re-usability. Highly integrated composite materials that significantly reduce EMC & protect precision devices in the data center, & are safe for human health. Ultra safe solution that satisfies the requirements of data centers. Conforms to different standards, depending on market or customer needs, such as IEC, CNS & GB. Excellent safety, as well as waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, shock-proof, & corrosion-proof. Space-saving & weight-saving solution that overcomes space & loading problems of the data center. Continuous plug-in core technologies available for expansion and power distribution. Data centers can use them freely.

Delta has utilized its industry-leading power electronics công nghệ to develop the Busway BR Series for data center applications. Busway BR Series has adopted epoxy cast resin công nghệ khổng lồ significantly increase IPhường protection màn chơi, safety...

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The Busway BL Series from Delta are made from epoxy using vacuum casting. Superior to traditional cables or sandwich type busway solutions, Delta’s Busways significantly improve the protection ratings, safety & reliability of products...
Delta’s Busway BR series & BL series can be easily integrated khổng lồ fulfill the power distribution requirements of data center infrastructure.


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