a small, plastic card that you get from a particular siêu thị and use khổng lồ buy goods from it that you can pay for later

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A charge card offers no credit & the full balance must be repaid within a specified period after receiving the bill.
It is effectively a charge card that enables goods và services khổng lồ be ordered và paid for whenever required, without the need for large amounts of form filling.
Today"s reality is a shrinking post office network, the withdrawal of cash payment benefits và a charge card that post office staff are unable khổng lồ process.
The novel feature of these cards was that the charge card could be used in a large number of stores.
Though the terms "charge card" and "credit card" are sometimes used interchangeably, they are distinct protocols of financial transactions.
They also have a special charge card that allows them an extra attaông xã, they Cosplay 3 units of the imperial army.
Her human figure, careening through its volatile relations, charge card in h&, indebted và reverential, makes of shatter a kind of atomized coherence, a kinetic, compassionate form.
It focuses on new forms of money: credit & charge cards, store/retailer, loyalty, debit, & automated teller machine cards, smart cards và telephone/computer & mạng internet banking.
Apart from the people who pay for fuel through meters or charge cards, there is an even spread of switching across social và economic groupings.
I regret that figures for the total number of credit and charge cards, and consequently for the total number of transactions, are not available.

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It has long been theorised that, with the advent of the credit thẻ & charge cards, we would eventually evolve inlớn a "cashless society".
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