The specialty coating market can be best described as both segmented and specialized. With 60 years of experience in this industry, is uniquely placed to handle projects that demand a high màn chơi of customization.

Bạn đang xem: Tnemec"s coating sản phẩm line has speciadanh mục engineering know-how and understanding covering the wide range of process technologies involved, making it perfectly placed to supply users with equipment featuring the highest and most consistent performance.

The coating process consists of applying a coating material khổng lồ a moving web of flexible substrate.

The carrier substrate may be paper, film, or aluminum foil và the resulting material"s additional properties will vary depending on the required application và on the material’s end-use.

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The benefit of coating is that it delivers khổng lồ the substrate enhanced aesthetic and physical properties derived from the coating material.

In flexible packaging, the most comtháng types of coating are:

Varnish: lớn impart a clear, glossy surface to the website Cold seal: used mainly for products where normal heat sealing cannot be used (chocolate bars, ice-creams, etc) PVdC coating: used khổng lồ improve the barrier properties of transparent films, as well as the gloss of printed films

These types of coating are usually applied in-line with a printing press by dedicated units or off-line by coating-laminating machines. Special coatings are also used in industries other than flexible packaging. These applications may include the production of labelstochồng material, release liner paper và films, as well as a great variety of pressure sensitive adhesive sầu tapes or laminates used in the medical field or in industrial applications.

Different types of coating line may be found in each industry, but broadly speaking each system is based on a roll kiến thiết & will consist of a metering system for applying the coating material khổng lồ the substrate, followed by a drying tunnel to dry the coated web before it is rewound. Specialty coating lines can be custom built in order khổng lồ satisfy a variety of different market requirements.

From its vast expertise in designing and manufacturing both regular và special coating lines,"s Rotomec sản phẩm line can provide systems for the application of every kind of packaging coating, along with the production of pressure sensitive sầu adhesive sầu tapes và labels such as packaging tapes, reinforced tapes, masking tapes, double sided tapes, special tapes, release paper, and labelstoông xã.