DecimalFormat khung String pattern = "";for (int i = 0; i EDIT The particular problem is that I do not wish the decimal separator lớn change with Locale (e.g. some Locales would use ",").

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For decimal separator you can mix it in a NumberFormatInfo instance và use it with ToString:

NumberFormatInfo nfi = new NumberFormatInfo(); nfi.NumberDecimalSeparator = "."; //** chạy thử ** NumberFormatInfo nfi = new NumberFormatInfo(); decimal d = 125501.0235648m; nfi.NumberDecimalSeparator = "?"; s = d.ToString(nfi); //--> 125501?0235648khổng lồ have sầu the result of your java version, use the ToString() function version with Custom Numeric Format Strings (i.e.: what you called pattern):

s = d.ToString("# ### ##0.0000", nfi);// 1245124587.23 --> 1245 124 587?2300 // 24587.235215 --> 24 587?2352System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo


In C#, decimal numbers are stored in the decimal type, with an internal representation that allows you lớn perkhung decimal math without rounding errors.

Once you have sầu the number, you can format it using Decimal.ToString() for output purposes. This formatting is locale-specific; it respects your current culture setting.

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