Description: Online multiplayer game. Based on the extremely popular mode to Half-Life, Counter-Strike, this game is a completely redesigned version of it on a new engine. The combination of realistic & fast arcade shooter pace – one of the key elements that made the game so popular. The counter-terrorists (special forces) fighting against terrorists. Teams rescue / hold hostages và neutralize / mix the bomb. It uses modern real weapons.

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The core gameplay is lượt thích many such drugimh military shooter with a first-person, but, unlượt thích them, based on rounds. Instead of reviving the death of the players need lớn wait until the kết thúc of the round. At the beginning of each round, players get the money lớn buy weapons & equipment; for killing enemies, & the objectives are given extra money. This nature of the game encourages teamwork và trying to stay alive sầu. The game engine, Source from the company Valve, provides much better graphics than its predecessor Half-Life: Counter-Strike, and also introduces a more realistic physical model.

Integrated emulator RevEmu lachạy thử version;Fully working và stable client;There is urgent search server;Do not require any activation crack;The lachồng of bugs và errors with models;Ability khổng lồ play with bots và network;A copy of the original game VPK-file;Protection statistics remix. Do not remix achievements and statistics server;Built refresh in the game with the ability lớn change a nick và clan-tag;Isolation from Steam. Simultaneous operation of the game from Steam.

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OC: Windows XPhường. / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10;Frequency: 1800 MHz;Memory: 512 MB;Video card: 128 MB;Sound card: compatible with DirectX 8.0.


OC: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10;Frequency: 3000 MHz;Memory: 1 GB;Video card: 256 MB;Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9.0.

How to lớn change the nickname?– mở cửa the thư mục with the game, find the tệp tin rev.ini– A notebook open file rev.ini– Locate the line – PlayerName = “Player” replace “Player” in the “Your nickname”

How lớn access the server?1. Hotline the game console by pressing the tilde “~”2. In the window that appears, write: connect ip: port & press Enter (Enter)

How lớn use the auto-update:1. Start Counter-Strike Source;2. Press the check;3. Wait until the install updates (until notification of completion);4. Press the “Go!” lớn start the game.