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Abstract: Paint Tool Sai Craông xã will make paintings more enjoyable! Although under some rare occasions the Paint Tool Sai crack software would crash its overall performance.

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Similar to Photosiêu thị, the user can zoom in/out and rotate drawing canvas. Multiple documents can be opened simultaneously. Work can be created on separate layers, và those can be grouped together easily. It has also provided many useful raster drawing tools, for example, the Airbrush, the Watercolor, the Pen, & the Marker, all of which could be customized easily & saved in the user library. However, since image editing is not the focus of this program, there are only two image adjustments provided: Brightness/Contrast & Hue/Saturation.It is noted that the developer does not provide any technical support; however, it is easy khổng lồ find online tutorials.Also, please pay attention lớn the expired date. Otherwise, your work may get lost.With continuous improvements và updates, more features will be added lớn the lademo version & more quality services will be provided lớn users.

Key Features:

A user-friendly interfaceSupportdigitizersAnti-aliased drawingsAuto-save paintingsSupport Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10Low CPU usageSupport the Hãng Intel MMX technologyA built-in helps sectionMany useful transformation tools

Main Pros và Cons


You can import Photosiêu thị files và save your work as Photocửa hàng files as well.Your work would be auto-saved every several minutes. (you can change the time interval.)There is a built-in in-depth help section detailing all of the features, which is particularly useful for beginners of digital drawing.


The official version only supports Windows operating system; however, an unofficial fan-made Mac version also exists.The developer provides no technical tư vấn.Although there is a downloadable 31-day trial version with full access to lớn all features, khổng lồ continue khổng lồ use all of the program’s features, a license must be purchased.

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Most common users

Anyone who is interested in painting & has a personal computer with Windows operating system can use Paint Tool Sai Crack. It is especially useful for cartoon illustrators và fans of computer graphics because it is much easier to lớn use compared with other products (e.g. the Photoshop).It is also useful for art class in public school because this software supports almost all versions of Windows and many of which do not have sầu computers with the lakiểm tra Windows operating systems.

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tác giả Note

Provided with the easy-to-underst& interface, Paint Tool Sai (1.2.5) cracked will make paintings more enjoyable! Although on some rare occasions, the software would crash; its overall performance is satisfactory, & there are no major things that you can complain about.

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