Presenting a large number of pictures in a single video is much better than flipping through the images manually. You can add a soundtrachồng if you want to lớn và play the movie on any computer or on a TV. Professional video editors come with too many features, which can make it a bit difficult lớn create a Clip slideshow. Fortunately, there are plenty of specialized applications on the Internet, which can help you with this task. A good example is ProShow Gold. It allows you lớn create video clip slideshows, using images, videos & audio files, with only a few clicks. Furthermore, the software places a vast collection of effects at your disposal, as well as various publishing options. Besides the Gold version, ProShow comes in Producer & Web editions as well. You can install ProShow Gold in a matter of seconds, on all popular Windows platforms. Although the installation process is simple and fast, you must restart your computer when it is complete, otherwise the software will not detect your CD and DVD writers. It should not take long khổng lồ get used lớn the user interface & master its controls. You can browse through local or network folders and explore their contents, pđánh giá your đoạn phim and edit its timeline on the same window. Once you locate your photos, videos or audio files, you can insert them inlớn your video presentation by dragging and dropping the files over the timeline. You can also move sầu slides to lớn different positions và change their durations by clicking và dragging. Transition effects are displayed next khổng lồ each slide & you can change their duration or select different effects, on a separate window. Additionally, you can bring up different configurations windows, through a series of options, located on a toolbar. The configurations windows contain everything you need to lớn edit individual slides, change their layer settings, apply effects, make image adjustments và more. With the available publishing options, you may export your video clip presentation for any device, burn it on a DVD or Blu-ray disc và upload it to lớn YouTube or Facebook. Pros: The software allows you to create Clip presentations with images, đoạn Clip và audio files. It comes with a huge number of effects và adjustment options. You can export your videos for any device, burn it or upload it. Cons: The trial version will place a watermark on the output video clip. Thanks lớn ProShow Gold"s rich functionality, you can create high quality Clip slideshows in a few minutes, without any effort. You can tải về ProShow Gold không tính phí here.

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