Every Dog Has Its Day

I"m looking for an idiom that means: There will come a time in everyone"s life when they tumble down, or experience a hard time. Something you"d say to a smug but successful person who laughs at your misery.

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It sounds lượt thích you"re asking two different things. There"s a general expression to indicate that everyone experiences some misery in their lives, and then there"s an expression you"d use as a comeback khổng lồ the person you mention above sầu.

As a comeback:

What goes up, must come down.

As a general philosophy:

Into every life some rain must fall.

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Sounds lượt thích a good moment for "pride comes before a fall" lớn me. This is often rendered as pride cometh before a fall khổng lồ sound extra old timey and clever.

The basic meaning if it"s not obvious is that a person who is too over confident will often make a mistake or run into harder times which brings them baông chồng down with a metaphorical bump.


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