8 cara mengatasi semua aplikasi "has stopped working" di windows 7/8/10

Hello. I need help with a suspicious error. I have sầu encountered “Application.exe has stopped working” error pop-up while working on my Windows 10 computer. Does it need that I should vì something about the program I was using?

“Application.exe pháo has stopped working” is a Windows error that shows up when a particular program crashes. This issue might occur on any versions of the operating system. However, recently we received a bunch of questions from Windows 10 users. So, it seems that the lathử nghiệm version of the OS is most affected by this error.

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Typically, the pop-up warning shows up when a program stops running và needs lớn shut down by force. Numerous reasons can cause “Application.exe pháo has stopped working” error. It might be related to:

problems with compatibility settings,issues with temporary files,damaged system files.

If you receive this error for the first time, you might just try lớn reopen the program after the system restarts. Sometimes software crashes for some temporary problems. Additionally, you can try installing software updates or updating the OS entirely. However, if these simple solutions vày not help lớn get rid of the issue, it might be related to lớn malware attacks.

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Checking the system with anti-malware software helps to find out if the source of the error is not some malicious program residing on the computer. Infiltration of various viruses often makes programs crash and the whole system freeze. Therefore, cleaning the device might help lớn fix “Application.exe pháo has stopped working” error on Windows 10.

However, if you are not dealing with a dangerous Trojan or ransomware, và installation of updates bởi vì not help, please follow the other methods presented below. Our team created a list of possible solutions to get rid of this Windows error.

Update Display Drivers automatically. Wait until Windows finds and suggests to lớn install available drivers. Then follow the onscreen instructions.If Windows cannot find any available updates, you should access manufacturer's trang web và download available updates manually.