Along with the opening of the xuất hiện Beta version, the publisher Gamota has given readers và gamers a series of events khổng lồ receive sầu the very attractive Gamota Code of Fairy, bởi vì not miss any rewards khổng lồ help the character in the Your game is stronger.

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After many days of waiting, at last, the superhero role-playing game Tien Vuc Gamota was officially opened at 10:00 a.m. on March 17, 20trăng tròn. In response lớn the fans’ love sầu, Gamota launched many events to lớn receive sầu Code Tien Vuc không lấy phí.

Field Gamota – 3 chiều role-playing game on smart mobile

Gamota Field Code

How lớn get Gamota Area Code

Event 1: Loan official launch– Rewards: Code Loan Tin và Vip Code Gamota Domain Early Registration– Link participating: Event 1

Event 2: Download the game to lớn receive GiftCode immediately– Reward: Gamota Vanguard Code+ 500k Silver thẻ * 2+ Reinforced Stone * 15+ Riding Animal Stone * 20+ Low Knit Spirit * 205– Link participating: Event 2

Event 3: Replace the cover image khổng lồ receive sầu GiftCode– Reward: Gamota Vanguard Code+ Gold key * 300+ Reinforced Stone * 50+ 4h Card Hanging * 2Life of Dan Trung * 10– Link participating: Event 3

Event 4: Watch the trailer to lớn receive sầu GiftCode immediately– Reward: Gamota Vanguard Code+ 200 Gold Key+ Chest of Phu Van Purple * 2+ The Spirit of Dan Trung * 15+ Pearl Bag LV3 * 1– Link participating: Event 4

Event 5: Like & Share Landing Page– Reward: Gamota Vanguard Code+ Gold loông xã * 500+ Stone Fairy DUC * 30+ Stone Breakthrough Wings * 15+ Ngoc Thu LV3 * 2– Link participating: Event 5


Regularly participating in Fanpage forums & Group game Tien Vuc Gamota community receive sầu sự kiện rewards from BQT every day.

– Join the Fanpage lớn receive sầu Gamota’s Front Code here.– Join the Group to receive sầu Gamota Domain Code here

Instructions for using Gamota GiftCode Code

Step 1: At the main interface of the game screen after the player reaches cấp độ 10 (cấp độ 10) you clichồng the inhỏ Welfare located on the right side of the screen.

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Step 2: In the table Welfare, you select GiftCode => enter Gamota Field Code in the empty box that appears next to => click Change.


There is a congratulatory message on the successful use of the Gamota Code Fairy Tale, you go to lớn your character’s bag lớn kiểm tra whether the reward has been received.

Thien Long Tam Quoc 2020 is a tactical general thẻ game just released yesterday that has become a fever on the Vietnamese market, a lot. Code Thien Long Tam Quoc 2020 has been sent to readers và players by the publisher, many equipment and items are indispensable for each person right after joining the game.

Link tải về Gamota Fairy Tale

Currently Gamota vanguard has allowed players khổng lồ tải về & install on both Android and iOS systems, select the appropriate operating system before clicking the tải về link below.

https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/code-tien-vuc-mobile-56878n.aspx – Link to tải về Android version: Vanguard for Android– Link lớn tải về iOS version: Advocacy for iPhone