Cách nhập giftcode game liên minh huyền thoại mới nhất

These are the addresses for entering the official League of Legends code và how lớn enter the code to lớn receive League of Legends gifts.

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In addition to earning rewards directly from events in League of Legends, you can also earn rewards thanks lớn Giftcode LMHT. Giftcode you can also get through the events in the game to get the reward corresponding khổng lồ the giftcode achieved.

To enter Giftcode LMHT, you need khổng lồ visit the web address of the League of Legends code đầu vào lớn enter the code below is the valid code entry addresses of the League of Legends & Garemãng cầu instructions for entering the code.

Instructions khổng lồ enter the lademo LMHT code 2020

First to enter the LMHT code, you can access code.lienminch.garena.vn > then log in your Garena tài khoản. Next enter the code obtained in the Code Entry section, then click Get Gifts below.

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Gifts received at code.lienminc.garena.vn will be the rewards corresponding khổng lồ the sự kiện taking place in the game. It may be a costume with a champion that you vì chưng not yet own, the time it takes the system to lớn send gifts to lớn your tài khoản may be a bit long. If after 3 days the gift has not arrived, liên hệ the customer service department for assistance.


In addition, you can also enter the code at muagiai2020.lienminch.garemãng cầu.vn khổng lồ receive the Warrior Badge. Similar to lớn code.lienminch.garena.vn, you only need khổng lồ log in and enter the code inkhổng lồ the code box lớn receive sầu the award.

Code Badge of League of Legends : League of Legends


The crusader badge is an thành quả used in the sự kiện lớn own upcoming Than Binc costumes. This badge will appear in your trương mục when the Trieu Than Binc event starts, the sự kiện to lớn enter the code khổng lồ receive sầu the Badge will start from January 10 to lớn January 16, 20trăng tròn.

For League code entry events, you should visit the two addresses above lớn enter the code with the extension lienminc.garemãng cầu.vn. If the code entry page does not have sầu this extension, it is a phishing site và you risk losing your tài khoản if you log into lớn the fake code address.