I have sầu seen many people using the phrase "It works like a charm"....when they are asked about , how something is working/going on. Is it a correct way to lớn use it in business communication.

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For Example:- Q: "Is your application working(software)"? A: "Yes, it works like a charm"?

Kindly throw some light on its usage. Can I use it in email khổng lồ business clients or in a IM chat?

Works lượt thích a charm is an idiom meaning something that beings good luck or success & seems to lớn have sầu magical powers

Charms are trinkets which people have for good luck. Examples are rabbit"s foot & horse shoes.

The expression is informal, but very effective sầu expressively.

A formal business equivalent would be

The new sản phẩm is very effective The software is very efficient The sản phẩm enables us to vị things not possible before

Works like a charm is equivalent to lớn works lượt thích a dream. Both are colloquial positive sầu praises for something

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answered Feb 11 "16 at 9:16

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