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iTools Crack is a substitute tiện ích to iTunes. itools 4 license key All iPhone và máy tính bảng iPad users will know that a big part of using Apple devices is iTunes. This companion software is installed on a computer and used to lớn manage & backup the device. Being shackled khổng lồ this software can be very frustrating, turning many people over to Android, but there are alternatives out there.

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You can use this software for image transfer purposes. itools 4 pre-activated also allows you khổng lồ select the images those you want khổng lồ transfer & left all unwanted images. You can also make a ringtone of your favorite tuy vậy.

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 itools 4 Registration Key  is one such alternative sầu which gives you access to lớn a raft of features that will help you to manage và tweak your phone without relying on iTunes, plus it’s free lớn download.

Main List of Key Features iTools 4 :

iTools Details Interface is similar to lớn iTunes first interface.Applications screen gives you all facilities to Install, Uninstall và browse Phone memory’s Application area via iTools.Media section shows all media files on your iPhone under categories of Ringtones, Video, Podcasts, iTunes U, TV shows, Music and Voice memos.Photos và iBooks areas allows you lớn access Picture files & iBook files on Apple device & manage them.This is a great facility. You can view iPhones liên hệ book, Gọi records & Messages from iTools.Also send Text messages from PC via iTools.Drag and arrange icons through iTools. Just like iTunes desktop option.Allows you lớn browse inkhổng lồ File system of iPhone or iPad via iTools.Includes features lớn System cleanup, Restart, Shutdown, Error logs, Crash logs & many more.Many more.


How khổng lồ Install :First of all, Download the tệp tin from the given linkNow Check the folder of the downloadYou find two folder first one is .exe and other is crack or key folder.Install software .exe cộ when install finish does not open it.Use craông xã or key lớn activate this software.All Steps have sầu done. Now Enjoy