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Does Crossfire increase VRAM usage? Reported memory usage in Afterburner/GPU-Z largely increased when using Crossfire. I"ve sầu had this problem span across many versions of drivers and pretty much any game or application. (BF4 / BF3 / 3dMark11 / Unigine Valley)Currently 13.11 b8 >> 1440p 120hzex: BF4Ultra + No MSAA with 1 GPU = 1.9GB vramSame settings with 2 GPUs = game crashes with a directx error that I"m out of memoryThe left circle is Crossfire enabled, game crashes shortly after loading, right circle is 1 GPU showing over a full 1GB LESS of vram usage
Errors when game crashes

Does Crossfire increase VRAM usage?

Had to de-clochồng my Ram from 1500mhz to the reference 1375mhz but still get a directX error every now & again for device receiving a incorrect formatted comm& from driver.
The increased memory happens when running stoông xã clocks as well.Side note: I am using AMD pixel cloông chồng patcher in combination with CRU per ToastyX i-google-map.coming guide for 1440p 120hz. Tested reduced bandwidth by setting to lớn 60hz but still crossfire has the large bump in memory usage which causes the game to crash almost immediately.Also, page tệp tin was mix khổng lồ 1024MB. Increased to lớn 4096MB but problem persists.
I have been running inkhổng lồ this issue as well. When I was playing Crysis 3 I turned the AA settings to lớn max và my vram usage said 4gigs...My 7950s are only 3gig cards. I also have sầu 8gbs of ram và my computer keeps running into being low on memory. But still has like 3-5 gigs left. So it might be warning me on being low on vram instead of normal ram.

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^^ AB combines the 2 cards...This is my recent session..
Do you have PF turned off?I"ve seen as much as 5gb in AB & never get an error.
Not sure how much system memory you have sầu but i found the same problem when i had 8gb. I had lớn have it on auto or eventually that problem would occur. I"ve sầu now upgraded khổng lồ 16gb of ram and i can now have my page tệp tin at 1gb custom size with no problems. BF4 loves ram & it uses loads of page file when you only have 8gb. I noticed it using a 10gb page tệp tin when i last looked. Get another 8gb would be my advice, if you dont already.
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