Made To Measure Là Gì

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The limiting factor is the national capađô thị khổng lồ provide "made-to-measure" assessment reports of the necessary unique.
I have already said that the regulations vị not forbid made-to-measure utility shirts being made in any form size.
I have sầu already provided for the manufacture of utility ready-made & made-to-measure overcoats from cloths weighing up to 22 ozs.
The manufacturers of these appliances are highly specialised people producing a made-to-measure article.
I doubt very much whether it can ever be a made-to-measure garment that will measure up adequately and properly khổng lồ every group in the community.
Fourthly, recruitment procedures must be reformed lớn prsự kiện made-to-measure competitions which make nepotism and cronyism all too easy.
As we have sầu said many times, sustainable development requires a made-to-measure approach and all scientific work has lớn be appropriate for the reality.
Large numbers of them were tailors, skilled craftsmen, but no one wanted expensive sầu, made-to-measure suits—what is the phrase?
Utility made-to-measure shirts may be made to any measurements but the higher ceiling prices for outsizes apply only to shirts with neckbands exceeding 17½inches.
For example, management & labour in a business can, through agreements, arrive sầu at a special made-to-measure arrangement on information & consultation for that business.
The primary disadvantage of made-to-measure is that the customer must wait up to several weeks for the garment to lớn be sewn and delivered.
He once asked a cobbler lớn make hlặng a pair of made-to-measure shoes, but he was told that they would cost up to 3,500 euros.

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A typical price markup for a made-to-measure nhà cửa is 15% over the price of its ready-to-wear counterpart.
The store also produced its own made-to-measure clothing for both men và women, assembled in an on-site factory.
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