How Do I Upload Files To Mega?

MEGA sets itself apart from other cloud storage services in that it offers end-to-kết thúc encryption for files uploaded. It also gives a generous 50 GB worth of storage khổng lồ miễn phí users.

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On the other hand, their entry-cấp độ business account that comes with a whooping 15TB is arguably one of the most cost-effective options, cheaper than both Dropbox & Google Drive sầu for the same amount of storage.

The service however comes with one downside: it downloads files using the browser’s blob saving functionality. This is not the most reliable of downloading especially for large files, however it’s a necessary evil for the end-to-end encryption to lớn work.

Basically, the browser downloads the data while its encrypted và once it’s done downloading, decrypts it for you to lớn save it. This blob download however brings with it some limitations such as :

not all browsers work or work well with the blob saving functionality (e.g. old versions of IE)loss of internet connection may break downloads with no way to resumemaximum tải về speeds may not be achieved or accelerated for that matterthe download is temporarily downloaded in the browser cabịt thư mục (typically located in the System partition) which may not be ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for large downloads when the không lấy phí space is limited in that partition

When downloading normally through the browser, the above limitations are usually overcome by making use of a tải về manager.

With MEGA, it would seem the closest option to lớn achieving this is for one to use the MEGASync tiện ích however you can actually use a normal download manager like FDM or IDM. Here’s how.

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Step 1: Generate Download Link with MegaDownloader

First we need to lớn generate a tải về link for the file to tải về using an application called MegaDownloader. Once you have it installed, bởi the following:

1. In your browser, go to and copy the links in the address bar for the file you want khổng lồ download. e.g.!ouR2hQJT!utjCA5ODxrp8zSGR8gbwMB9gmkJkFpAhoJsbHOJx7ZY

2. Launch MegaDownloader & on its toolbar cliông xã the Streaming option followed by Watch Online.

Adding links lớn FDM

2. If you need to lớn download multiple files, just repeat the steps above và feed the generated streaming links khổng lồ your download manager.

The liên kết for the files will look the same & only the last part will be different in order of how they’ve sầu been generated e.g.


The downloads may appear named as Streaming but once the tải về begins the actual name of the file will be resolved. If this fails khổng lồ happen, remember khổng lồ rename the tệp tin with actual file name và extension once its completed.