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Get ready for Mega from the flamboyant Klặng Dotcom. The Internet entrepreneur and accused digital outlaw recently launched Mega (short for Mega Encrypted Global Access), a new file storage and sharing service that features 50GB of miễn phí storage. Mega is just one component of what Dotcom và his team hope will be a suite of online encrypted services from Mega Ltd. including gmail, voice calling, instant messaging, & video clip streaming.

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For now, Mega is a Web-based end-to-end encryption tệp tin storage service that encrypts your files in the browser before uploading them to Mega"s servers. You can also use Mega khổng lồ chia sẻ files with others, và add other Mega users lớn your liên hệ list for easy drag-and-drop sharing.

I"ve been playing around with Mega recently, and the service is pretty sliông xã. However, it also appears that a few lingering bugs hamper overall functionality of the service. Let"s take a look.

Mega browser

Mega"s Browser instructions (cliông chồng to enlarge).

Mega says it "pushes the browser lớn its limits" thanks khổng lồ the giải pháp công nghệ it uses for encryption và tệp tin transfers. All the current versions of the major browsers (IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, & Opera) are supposed lớn be compatible. The problem is all except one work very poorly.

Use of Internet Explorer 10, for example, has a bug that forces you lớn cthua kém and reopen your Mega tab every hundred megabytes or so worth of uploads, according khổng lồ Mega. For best results use Google Chrome; Mega says its only deficiency is lower-grade text rendering. Chrome also has the added advantage of allowing you lớn upload folders with one drag-and-drop action.

Getting started

Mega"s start screen (click lớn enlarge).

To get started, cliông xã "Register" at the top right-hvà side of the page. Then enter your name, email address, and a password. Make sure you use a particularly strong password with sufficient length and random characters, since your password also serves as the master encryption key for your tài khoản.

You will then have to lớn cliông chồng on a confirmation link you receive sầu via gmail before you can start using the service.

Mega creates an encryption key for file management.

Once you confirm và sign in, Mega will create a 2048-bit RSA public/private key pair for the service"s encryption features.

Manage files at the dashboard (click khổng lồ enlarge).

After that"s done, you will arrive at your tệp tin manager dashboard where you can upload và tải về files, share public links to lớn files, và giới thiệu files with other Mega users. At the far right is a drop-down menu aptly titled "Menu" that contains link to Mega"s blog, pricing for Pro accounts, help, terms of service, & other informational links. On the left side is the Cloud Drive sầu showing all your uploaded files, và navigation link lớn the trash bin, your inbox, và contacts.

To add a contact, just clichồng on the contacts section and cliông chồng "Add contact" at the top of the page. Once the person signs up for Mega they will be automatically added lớn your contacts danh mục. One of the handier features in Mega is that you can tóm tắt files with other Mega users by dragging và dropping a file khổng lồ their name in your contacts section. Mega plans lớn add Instant Messaging lớn the service so you will be able to bởi vì more than just sover và receive files with your contacts.

If someone shares a file with you, it will pop up as a notification in your Mega inbox. You can then decide what to lớn vị with the tệp tin.

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Adding files from your desktop is a pretty straightforward process. You can either drag and drop files right onlớn your file manager, or you can clichồng the upload buttons at the top of your cloud drive sầu. File uploads are monitored in the lower half of the screen. In my tests, tệp tin uploads were a little slow, possibly because of the encryption process, và it took a few minutes before the file was listed on my cloud drive even after the upload was complete. Complete thư mục uploads are also available and are added the same way files are, but only Chrome users can add folders from their desktop.

File management functions (clichồng to enlarge).

Right-clicking a tệp tin shows you several thực đơn items, including the capability khổng lồ tải về a file; get a link; rename a file; move sầu, copy, remove sầu, và reload. You can also drag & drop your files inlớn new folders.

Similar to Windows Explorer, you can expand folders and subfolders in the left-h& column & then drop files directly into subdirectories.

File-sharing options (clichồng khổng lồ enlarge).

You can mô tả a file with anyone, regardless whether they have sầu a Mega account. To tóm tắt a file, you either right-cliông chồng on the file và select "Get link," or you can clichồng the liên kết ibé lớn the far right of the file name.

Either method will open a window that shows you an extremely long liên kết khổng lồ your file that includes a secret key (a string of numbers và letters).

Mega URLs are composed lượt thích so:!FileAddress!SecretKey.

For someone to lớn access this file, they will need both the file"s URL and the key. Mega warns that if the secret key is exposed, anyone can access và tải về your file. If you are concerned about keeping your files private, Mega suggests you should not cốt truyện the key through insecure channels such as plain gmail.

To hide the file key, just unkiểm tra the "File key" checkbox and then copy the file"s URL to lớn the clipboard. You can then skết thúc the links lớn the file via gmail, và then send the key in an encrypted gmail or IM session.

Because files and folders are encrypted on Mega"s servers, the site cannot supply thumbnail pReview of images or đoạn phim, offers no online streaming component for Clip and audio files.


Sharing a folder is a little different from sharing a single file, & you can mô tả folders only with other Mega users. If you giới thiệu a thư mục with someone who is not a Mega user, they must sign up for an tài khoản in order lớn access it.

Folder-sharing options (cliông xã to enlarge).

To get started, right-clichồng the thư mục & select "Sharing." You will then get a pop-up window where you can see a danh mục of users with whom you have already shared the folder, and can add new users. To add someone, enter their tin nhắn address và choose the level of access you want them lớn have sầu, which ranges from read-only, read & write, or full access.

Once a folder is shared, the folder icon in your main file manager dashboard will have sầu a hvà underneath it to lớn indicate it is a shared thư mục.

Folders that others have sầu shared with you will appear in a menu under your friend"s name in the contacts section. Let"s say Tom