The mod replaces the sounds of raising money và weapons with sounds from Vice City.The thủ thuật requires a ModLoader.

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The sounds of guns, cars, motorcycles, police sirens, explosions, people shouting, và menu sounds are replaced.The gian lận also has a CLEO script, shaking the camera when accelerating.



The hack replaces the sounds of gun shots (sounds collected by me personally) but, the main author is not me, I just picked up the sounds that I liked.- M4, AK-47, Micro Ultrasound, Tec9;- Minigun;- Shotgun;- MP5;- Deagle, - Colt 45-9 mm- Sniper rifle.The hack requires a ModLoader.

Sounds from NFS MW, U2, & Carbon. They were extracted directly from the game files. This includes: almost all engine sounds, door sounds, reverse beeps, police sirens,and tire sounds. List of oto sounds: Cadrona, Bravura, Merit, Cabbie, Fortune, Intruder, Picador, Sunrise, Infernus, Buffalo, Sabre, Savanna, Voodoo, Cheetah, Comet, Turismo, Admiral, Elegant, Emperor, Bobmèo, Greenwood, Manana, Moonbeam, Huntley, Landstalker, Patriot Hotknife, Hustler, BF Injection, Firetruck, Linerunner, Roadtrain, Phoenix, Windsor, Club, Flash, Bullet, Glendale, Remington, Hermes, NRG-500, BF-400, Wayfarer, FRC-900, Bandilớn.The thủ thuật requires a ModLoader.

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The gian lận replaces the sound of the police siren. Reverberation is added to the siren khổng lồ make it sound better in the game.
Here is my pack of realistic weapon sounds for GTA San Andreas that changes all the weapon sounds (shooting, reloading sounds, hitting sounds) in the game.It consists of the highest unique sounds I could find. I edited their frequencies khổng lồ make them more pleasing to the ear và more realistic. Also, the volume is quite balanced.Watch the video clip to lớn hear what it sounds like.
Double Wield All Weapons

Dude if you use the minigun and fire it with this hack the spread is br...