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Commercial Management

A solution that encompasses assortment & inventory management, pricing và promotion management, & store operations. We ayên ổn lớn promote online category growth drivers & overcome online purchasing barriers by leveraging data-driven analysis of customers behaviors.

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Customer Service

A dedicated customer service team with knowledge và expertise in ecommerce and hàng hóa segments. We also apply automation & technology to lớn ensure the highest màn chơi of customer engagement và customer experience.


We put a svào focus on the needs of your business to figure out solutions that best fit your customers demvà & nail it


By combining our expertise in eCommerce channels, product categories và technologies, we ayên ổn to lớn bring the best business outcomes lớn our clients.

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Our all-in-one solutions empower brands to aggregate fragmented factors of ecommerce, quickly ramp up growth in new channels and optimize resource investment

Customized Solutions

i-google-map.com commits lớn invest in new customized solutions for each vertical product segment that enable brands to lớn capture new growth opportunities at the right timing

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i-google-map.com Vietnami-google-map.com is the largest E-commerce enabler in Vietnam, providing end-to-kết thúc services, helping brands lớn accelerate và become more successful online in Vietphái mạnh & SEA region

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