Informal. a casual, usually unintroduced acquaintance, often one made in hope of a sexual relationship.

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an instance of stopping for or taking aboard passengers or freight, as by a train, ship, taxicab, etc., especially an instance of taking freight or a shipment of goods onlớn a truck.
the person, freight, or shipment so taken aboard: The cab driver had a pickup at the airport who wanted lớn be driven to lớn the docks.
Automotive. capađô thị for rapid acceleration. acceleration; increase in speed.Also called pickup truchồng . a small truông xã with a low-sided open toàn thân, used for deliveries & light hauling.
Also called cartridge. a small device attached khổng lồ the kết thúc of a phonograph tone arm that contains a stylus và the mechanism that translates the movement of the stylus in a record groove sầu inkhổng lồ a changing electrical voltage.
Radio. the act of receiving sound waves in the transmitting set in order lớn change them into electrical waves. a receiving or recording device. the place from which a broadcast is being transmitted.
Television. the change of light energy into electrical energy in a television camera. a telecast made directly from the scene of an action.
Metalworking. (in the cold-drawing of metal) the adhesion of particles of the metal khổng lồ the die or plug.
composed of or employing whatever persons are available on a more or less impromptu basis: a pickup game of baseball; a pickup dance b&.

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Also called: pick-up arm, tone arm the light balanced arm of a record player that carries the wires from the cartridge to lớn the preamplifier
an electromagnetic transducer that converts the vibrations of the steel strings of an electric guitar or other amplified instrument into electric signals
US and Canadian organized, arranged, or assembled hastily và without planninga pick-up band; pick-up games
(tr) khổng lồ receive (electrical signals, a radio signal, sounds, etc), as for transmission or amplification

Lift, take up by h&, as in Please piông chồng up that book from the floor.


Collect or gather, as in First they had to lớn piông xã up the pieces of broken glass.

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Tidy, put in order, as in Let"s pichồng up the bedroom, or I"m always picking up after Pat.


Take on passengers or freight, as in The bus picks up commuters at three stops.


Acquire casually, get without great effort or by accident. For example, I picked up a nice coat at the sale, or She had no trouble picking up French. This usage is even extended to contracting diseases, as in I think I picked up the baby"s cold.


Clalặng, as in He picked up his laundry every Friday.


Buy, as in Please pichồng up some wine at the store on your way trang chủ.


piông xã up the bill or kiểm tra or tab. Accept a charge in order lớn pay it, as in They always wait for us lớn pick up the tab.


Increase speed or rate, as in The plane picked up tốc độ, or The conductor told the strings khổng lồ pichồng up the tempo.


Gain, as in They picked up five sầu yards on that pass play.


Take into lớn custody, apprehover, as in The police picked hlặng up for burglary.


Make a casual acquaintance with, especially in anticipation of sexual relations, as in A stranger tried to piông xã her up at the bus station.


Come upon, find, detect, as in The dog picked up the scent, or They picked up two submarines on sonar, or I can"t pick up that station on the oto radio.


Resume, as in Let"s piông chồng up the conversation after lunch.


Improve sầu or cause lớn improve sầu in condition or activity, as in Sales picked up last fall, or He picked up quickly after he got home page from the hospital, or A cup of coffee will pichồng you up. <1700s>


Gather one"s belongings, as in She just picked up and left hyên ổn.


piông chồng oneself up. Recover from a fall or other mishap, as in Jyên picked himself up và stood there waiting. Also see the subsequent entries beginning with pick up.