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What’s my favorite aircraft? I get this question a lot. The answer is, of course, the Boeing 747, the Queen of the Skies. It is my first love and it always has my heart. The Jumbo Jet made the globe smaller and opened up world travel for me.Bạn đang xem: Sam cheng là ai

I enjoy anything related khổng lồ aviation & travel. My fascination with aeroplanes stemmed from visiting Kai Tak airport as a teenager. I have sầu spent some of the happiest times of my life in the air. It is that precious feeling of being above sầu the clouds, the romance and the curiosity of flying which developed my passion towards aviation and travel.

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I have sầu now travelled to over 100 countries, flown over 2,000 flights và logged over 3 million miles around the globe in the pursuit of my lifelong passion. I have organically built a loyal following of like-minded aviators, travelers và industry experts who access & engage with my content on a daily basis. I hope my content brings you closer khổng lồ my aviation và travel experience.

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2003 Pholớn Competition 2003 Airliners International Convention, Colombus, Ohio, USA


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FAQ My Travel Map

I have now flown on a total of 240+ airlines with over 180 aircraft types.

My favourite aircraft is The Boeing 747. I’ve flown on her over 350 times across all The B747 models and variants.

Below is where I have flown in the world so far…

Timeline và highlight of my life 1980"s

1980 – I was born in Beijing, China. In the mid-80s, I moved khổng lồ Hong Kong with my parents. I flew on the Chinese Air Force Vickers Viscount, CAAC Trident và Dragonair Tristar.

1993 – I started flying extensively on my vacation and visiting over 20 countries, became an elite member of United Airlines Mileage Plus.

1997 – I moved lớn Sydney, Australia for high school và university. I continued to travel to more countries each year.

1998 – I got my first car, and drove sầu khổng lồ the airport as the first destination.

1999 – I started this website, originally call

2003 – I flew on The British Airways Supersonic Concorde from Thành Phố New York to London in just 3 hours 18 minutes.

2004 – On my first trip khổng lồ Russia, I flew with IL-62, IL-86, An-24, Yak-40, Tu-134, Tu-154 aircraft.

2004 – I travelled to lớn Iran for the first time và flew on the classic B747-SP, B707 & B727 amuốn many other highlights.

2005 – I was invited khổng lồ Toulouse, France khổng lồ observe the maiden flight of Airbus A380.

2007 – I flew on the world inaugural A380 flight of Singapore Airlines in Singapore Airlines Suite.

2009 – I flew on a Lockheed Constellation “Connie” L1049G!

2010 – Landed on a glacier with Ski Plane in South Island of New Zealvà.

2011 – I relocated to Abu Dhabi, UAE & married in the same year. I visited the most dangerous airport in the world, Lukla in Nepal.

2012 – Flew on the last ever flight of The B747 Singapore Airlines from Hong Kong lớn Singapore.

2012 – I visited North Korea and flew classic Soviet planes with Air Koryo and went on to visit 3 more times!

2012 – On a trip to Pakischảy, I flew 7 out of 8 sectors inside the cockpit with PIA on A310, B777-200, ATR-42, B747-300 & B777-300.

2013 – I flew to lớn the North Pole on a special chartered “Polarflug” by airberlin. I also flew on the longest commercial flight in the world from Singapore to Newark with Singapore Airlines.

2014 – Flew on the Southern Polar flight from Sydney nonstop to Buenos Aires. I also visited Somalia và flew on a classic DC-9 in Africa. I also flew on my first B747-8 with Lufthansa in First Class

2015 – On-board the world’s inaugural A350 commercial flight with Qatar Airways from Doha to lớn Frankfurt. I also became the organizer of the highly successful Iran Aviation Tours.

năm nhâm thìn – Experienced the best commercial aviation sản phẩm to lớn date with The Residence on Etihad A380 and Air France La Premiere. Also flew on a Legacy 650 private jet.

năm nhâm thìn – I also attended the first air show in North Korea at Wonsan. Flew on the Soviet vintage fleet IL-18, IL-62, IL-76, Tu-134, Tu-154 of Air Koryo during the air show.

05-08 May 2017, organised a South African vintage aviation tour, flew DC-3, DC-4, Beech-18 and Boeing 727 VIPhường. in South Africa with 50 tour participants.

01 July 2017, flew The Residence of Etihad Airways A380 on inaugural A380 flight to Paris from Abu Dhabi.

05 Aug 2017, flew restored IL-14 low over Veiliky Novogrod near Saint Petersburg & inside Romanian made chase plane IAR-823 on Air to lớn Air phokhổng lồ mission.

29 Oct 2017, flew the last United B747-400 International flight from Incheon khổng lồ San Francisco on UA892.

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27 Jan 2018, flew Emirates new First Class “trò chơi Changer” fully enclosed Suite from Dubai to Brussels.

21 Feb 2018, took part in the world’s first A350-1000 delivery khổng lồ launch customer Qatar Airways from Toulouse khổng lồ Doha with spectacular low fly pass over Doha.

01 March 2018, flew a private Dassault Aviation Falnhỏ 8X from Abu Dhabi lớn Paris.

26 March 2018, took part in the world’s first B787-10 delivery lớn launch customer Singapore Airlines. Flew nearly 24 hours from Boeing South Carolina in Charleston khổng lồ Singapore via Osaka.

29 May 2018, took part in Delta Air Lines new unisize launch on-board a fashion flight from Atlanta to lớn Minneapolis to LA with fashion designer Zac Posen.

19 June 2018, took part in the delivery flight of Cacầm Pacific’s first A350-1000 from Toulouse khổng lồ Hong Kong.

27 June 2018, took part in the delivery flight of Oman Air’s first tri-class B787-9 from Seattle Paine Field to Muscat.

12 July 2018, took part in the last A350-900 delivery flight of Malaysia Airlines from Toulouse to lớn Kuala Lumpur all the way in the cockpit.

14 July 2018, took part in the first A350-900 delivery flight of Philippine Airlines from Toulouse to Manila.

12 Sep 2018, flew non-stop on Qantas B787-9 between UK (London) và Australia (Perth) for the first time.

09 Oct 2018, flew Embraer lathử nghiệm Executive sầu Jet Praetor 500 from Punta Camãng cầu khổng lồ Ft Lauderdale.

12 Oct 2018, flew the World’s Longest Flight on Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR, SQ21 from EWR to lớn SIN in 17 hour 30 minutes over the North Pole. (Polar Route)

12 April 2019, flew Bhurã Airlines A319 jumpseat landing into Paro, Bhutung from Kathmandu. Saw 4 of 5 highest mountain enroute.

17 May 2019, flew Pilatus Aircraft company PC-24 “The Super Versatile Jet” over Switzerland with thử nghiệm pilot Matthew Hartkop. We performed air work such as stalls, 1G, 2G Banking, touch và go, missed approach and a spectacular landing inlớn Gstaad (Sannen) airport.

24 May 2019, flew inaugural ANA A380 “Flying Honu” from Tokyo to Honolulu. Returned in First Class on 26 May from Honolulu lớn Narita.

31 May 2019, travelled on Sichuan Airlines A319 to Daocheng-Yading; the World Highest Airport at 4,411m (14,472 ft)

01 June 2019, flew the first made in China jet; ARJ21-700 from Chengdu lớn Linfen & bachồng.

19 June 2019, first time flew Bombardier CS100 of Swiss Int’l Airlines from Paris to Zurich.

01 July 2019, double A380 inaugural on the same day. Flew The World’s Shortest A380 on Emirates from Dubai lớn Muscát lớn Dubai and The Residence of Etihad Airways inaugural A380 flight to lớn Incheon from Abu Dhabi.

06 July 2019, Opera de Paris performed a ballet in the air on Air France flight AF117 from Shanghai to Paris.

02 Aug 2019, flew B737-200Combi of NOLINOR Aviation to lớn Meadowbank Gold Mine, first time landing on gravel strip.

05 Aug 2019, flew the inaugural British Airways A350-1000 flight from London to Madrid.

02 Sep 2019, flew Qatar Airways Cargo B747-8F from Hong Kong to Doha on a đoạn phim filming project.

11 Sep 2019, flew ANA New Business Class “The Room” on a one month old B777-300/ER from Tokyo to lớn London.

04 Oct 2019, traveled alone on a Private VIP B747-SP, N7477S from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to Marana, Pinal Air Park, AZ, USA.

03 Nov 2019, traveled on the last ever EL AL B747-400 from Rome to Tel Aviv. We drew a “B747” at 10,000ft over the Med in Cyprus airspace.

29 Nov 2019, flew on a one off historic Emirates A380 with Most Nationalities on-board (145) around the UAE to celebrate UAE National Day & UAE Year of Tolerance.