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Southern Arkansas University was founded as Magnolia A&M over one hundred years ago along the northern edge of Magnolia in 1909. Since then the city and University have become integral components of one another. Building upon this relationship, SAU is committed to lớn meaningful partnerships with local organizations & Magnolians.

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Dr. Zachariah Benton Hurdle

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Joined SAU Family: 2017

Why did you chose lớn work at SAU?I was used khổng lồ smaller, more intimate classes, & SAU provided this through teaching và advising.

Most significant accomplishments: I taught & lived in Costa Rica for a year; I published in the “Mathematics Teacher” journal; I had my first child this past summer; and I presented at SXSWedu (with a PME-NA presentation last semester).

Something interesting about me:Probably the Costa Rica experience where I carried out my dissertation; we explored seven countries while down there và mostly drove sầu ATVs to get places.

SAU feels lượt thích trang chủ lớn me because of the student-teacher relationship at the school.


Eunice Evelyn Walker

Director of Student Support Services/Executive sầu TRIO Director

Joined SAU Family: 1992

Why did you chose to lớn work at SAU?I chose work at SAU when a position became available that would allow me khổng lồ help individuals who were underrepresented; in particular, low income and first-generation college students.

Something interesting about me:When I was in high school, I participated in the Upward Bound Program here at Southern Arkansas University. I have come full circle with the program from participant to tutor coordinator lớn director of the program. Helping people is my passion, and I hope to always be a part of the TRiO family.

SAU feels like home page to lớn me because the people I have sầu met and worked with throughout the past 26 years have become part of my family. “It’s been a good ride.”


Dr. Robin Sronce

Dean of the Rankin College of BusinessPeoples Bank Endowed Chair

Joined SAU Family: 2017

Significant accomplishments:Excited about the Backpaông xã lớn Briefcase and the RCBiz Living Learning Community that will start this fall. The Backpack to lớn Briefcase series of workshops will help students prepare for the job they want at graduation, and the RCBiz will allow business majors living in University Hall to lớn work with RCB faculty và staff to further their professional development.

Something interesting about me:I am a first-generation college student & didn’t pursue my PhD until I was in my forties. It has been an exciting adventure from working in the business office of a small community college khổng lồ becoming dean of the Rankin College of Business, & I am enjoying every minute of it.

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SAU feels like home page lớn me because of the people I’ve sầu met here. Faculty, staff, students, & alums are all so welcoming, caring, and committed to education and the University. I feel lượt thích I’ve sầu always been a part of SAU.


Robert “Rock” Jones

Skills Trade SupervisorSAU Physical Plant Paint Department

Joined SAU Family: 1985

Personal/Professional Affiliations:Member of Glovers Memorial Church of God In Christ, Arkansas State Employees (ASEA), và AR Farm Bureau

Most significant accomplishments:I’ve been blessed to be married to my wife, who is an SAU alumna, for more than 30 years & I am the father of two sons (one son being an SAU alumnus) during my tenure; I have one grandson; & I received a Professional Staff Excellence Award

Why did you choose to lớn work at SAU:Because SAU is very family oriented. There was/is a positive culture that promotes growth và continuous learning opportunities. When I started working at SAU, I was only 22 years old & knew I wanted to lớn have a family, so stability was important khổng lồ me. SAU has provided that stability for me & my family.

SAU feels lượt thích home lớn me because the people at SAU are so friendly và greet you with smiling faces & work as a team lớn tackle any problem that arises just lượt thích a family would!


Carey Baker

Dean of StudentsFormer Football Defensive Coordinator (2000-04) và Graduate Assistant (1993-96)

Joined SAU Family: 2014

Outside affiliations interests:I am a thành viên of First Baptist Church of Magnolia and the Magnolia Rotary Club. My hobbies include working out, riding my bicycle, reading, và playing just a little bit of guitar and banjo.

Interesting personal fact most may not know:I was an Air Force brat & graduated from high school in Wiesbaden, (then West) Germany. I was also a thành viên of two SEC championship football teams (’89 và ’90) at the University of Tennessee.

SAU feels like home lớn me because it has been a part of just about every one of my major life decisions. I got my first coaching job, met my wife, và transitioned lớn administration all while at SAU. SAU has just the right balance of academic offerings, form size, và on-campus activities to lớn make it a great place to lớn work and a great place lớn go to school!

Jennifer L. Turner, LMSW, LPC

Program Director và Assistant ProfessorSocial Work ProgramTitle IV-E Coordinator

Joined SAU Family: 2004

Outside affiliations interests:I am a member of the National Association of Social Work Arkansas where I serve on their board as the Southwest branch representative. I am also working with the Howard County Drug Court, where I conduct a monthly educational group on topics surrounding mental health.

Why did you choose lớn work at SAU?I chose SAU because I was looking to continue my involvement with the Division of Children & Family Services, & the Title IV-E Academic Partnership was an excellent way for me khổng lồ continue to lớn be involved in the field of practice that I love.

Dr. Klặng Bloss

Dean, School of Graduate Studies;Acting Dean, College of Education;và Professor of Counseling

Joined SAU Family: 1997

Retìm kiếm Interests: Meditation & mindfulness in higher education (as tools in counseling, teaching, learning & leadership)

Hobbies: Being in nature; I love sầu khổng lồ walk và hike. I participate in 5Ks at least once a month around the region.

Why did you choose to work at SAU?: My late husband, Dan Bernard, and I came lớn SAU together. We were looking for a university that prioritized unique teaching, và we loved the student-centered focus here.