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Bạn đang xem: Self-reliance là gì

Whereas some commentators warned of neo-liberal retrenchment, others praised the new chances for self-reliant marketdriven provision.
In a way, this self-reliant tendency was indicative of the experimental attitude and desire to dissociate from conservatism.
The findings suggest that patients who engage in all-or-nothing behaviour attempt to lớn be self-reliant when ill rather than impose on others.
The most intractable food security situations usually need to lớn be improved in situ, following self-reliant strategies that minimize input-dependence.
The vision of a perfectly self-reliant, "sustainable" city that is a selfcontained entity is an unachievable & simplistic igiảm giá khuyến mãi.
One is expected to lớn strive sầu to remain independent and self-reliant & not place undue demands on others.
Several of the spouse carers described their marriage in this way, saying that not only had they had a cthua thảm emotional relationship, but that, practically, they had been totally self-reliant.
Thus, a chất lượng chance of a self-reliant local peace and reconciliation process, meant lớn reverse the vicious spiral of attack and revenge, mistrust and lies, finally failed.
In this paper, we will implement the dynamics & stability analysis with left invariant size to lớn make the formulation of the kinematics and dynamics of the system self-reliant.
Usually planting of food crops is done during these two rainfall seasons because there is adequate rainfall that makes the district self-reliant in production of various types of food crops.
One of the objects of promoting thrift is to make the individual more self-reliant and give hlặng a higher sense of personal responsibility.

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