Send verb

I am writing a computer application which can underst& sentence. For that purpose, I was preparing frames of each word. For example:

sover something lớn recipient|place

Since to can be defined as separate frame;

to recipient|place

So the frame for send can be defined as

skết thúc something

Now I found a phrase;

"Send hyên my love"


Is there any grammar rule which transforms Send my love khổng lồ him into lớn Sover hyên ổn my love, or it is word-specific?

send recipient something

send something lớn recipient

word-order indirect-objects prepositional-objects
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Amit Kumar GuptaAmit Kumar Gupta
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I got to lớn know about dative case after receiving some really helpful comments. And I found a very helpful document about dative sầu shifting.

Bạn đang xem: Send verb

Explanation which exactly meets with my question;

3a John sent the parcel to lớn Mary

3b John sent Mary the parcel

4a John sent the parcel lớn the States

4b * John sent the States the parcel

In both 3 và 4 the direct object, , travels towards the indirect object, or , making it the Goal of the action. The semantic difference is that in 3 is the Beneficiary of the action, the person for whom the parcel is intended, but in 4 has no such role. For this shift khổng lồ occur it seems that we must have the right type of verb và the right type of indirect object.


sover (smth) (khổng lồ ) skết thúc ( smth) ;where recipient is a beneficiary.
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answered Apr 19 "15 at 19:51

Amit Kumar GuptaAmit Kumar Gupta
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