So Much For

Today, I have another common expression that English speakers use in casual conversations: “so much for”. It is used when we want khổng lồ say that something we were expecting lớn happen will not happen. It can also be used khổng lồ indicated that something we thought was true is not true. For example:

It’s just started lớn rain! So much for our picnic!

The prime minister just announced a tax increase! So much for his promises not to raise taxes!

I just got laid off at work! So much for buying a new house this year!

A: Bill made a huge mistake & lost the company one of our biggest clients!

B: Well, so much for the promotion he was supposed lớn get.

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The Shepherds only had two successful songs, và then the bvà broke up. So much for all the predictions that they would become as successful as the Beatles.

When we use this expression, the feeling is usually either neutral or negative. If someone uses this when they feel happy about the situation, it sounds as if they are gloating. So, in the fourth example, if the person who says “so much for the promotion he was supposed to get” is happy that Bill made a mistake, it sounds lượt thích that person either doesn’t like Bill or is in line for the same promotion.


Motoko Nakano Said:

on August 26, 2010at 5:35 pm

Dear Mr Cadman

I knew this blog from your notice on mixi about a month ago và since then I’ve been a big tín đồ of your blog.It’s the first time lớn leave some comments though,I ‘ve sầu been thinking I want to say THANK YOU!! Because your explanations are always simple ,your example sentenses are far better than my dictionary to lớn imagine the situations và the notices after the examples make my comprehension deeper.Above all,I’m impressed with your enthusiasm for teaching English. Now,I’d like lớn ask about today’s expression’so much for’.I’ve never heard of this before.First,I’m not sure the intonation và the feeling of the person who is saying this.In the first example,are SO and PICNIC stressed?And his or her feeling is ‘That’s too bad!!We were supposed lớn go on a picnic> I think I underst& the meaning.I just want to lớn confirm how to use.The word(s) next lớn FOR should be a noun,pronoun,-ing formed verb etc that is missed or would be missed because of changing of the situation,right?I'll try to lớn write some examples to make sure.

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Damn it! The line was cut! So much for my big fish for dinner.

Our new product is a smash hit!We can't keep up with production.So much for my summer holidays supposed to be longer than last year.

I guess you must be busy.So if you have sầu a spare time,could you please give sầu me some comments?Thank you.