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ADDS men"s singles

Top-ranked Tai Tzu-ying pushed through a challenging second mix lớn clinch a 21-8, 23-21 victory against Denmark"s Mia Blichfeldt & move sầu into the finals of badminton"s Vương Quốc Nụ Cười Open.

The Taiwanese player made a strong start, but Blichfeldt"s strong defence caused her problems.

She said she would need khổng lồ bring her A-game on Sunday when she faces Spain"s Carolimãng cầu Marin, a former world number one, in the final.

Earlier in the day, the Spaniard trounced South Korean teenager An Se-young 21-16, 21-16.

"I didn’t feel any negative situation for myself, và I think if I play like this, I’m so ready for tomorrow," she said

Meanwhile, seven-seeded Angus Long of Hong Kong started off slow against Taiwan"s Chou Tien-chen, ranked second in the world in men"s singles, but won in a 17-21, 21-18, 21-15 upmix.

Chou said he "lost control" by the third mix. "I made some easy mistakes & that made me thua the second game. I just didn"t feel in control."

Ng will go up against Denmark"s Viktor Axelsen on Sunday. The fourth seed beat Indonesia"s Anthony Ginting 21-19, 13-21, 21-13.

The Thailand mở cửa is the first of three consecutive tournaments in Bangkok culminating in the World Tour Finals from January 27.

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Flown in a week before the start for quarantine and testing, the players are facing off in a bio-secure "bubble", with no spectators allowed.

The tournament has been overshadowed by the positive cases for Egyptian mixed doubles player Adham mê Hatem Elgamal, a German coach and a French staff member.

Elgamal, who had khổng lồ drop out on the first day & was moved lớn a hospital, took to lớn Instagram on Saturday to lớn raise doubts about his initial chạy thử results.

He told AFP that since arriving at the hospital, subsequent tests had shown negative results.

"They made a mistake, và I am paying for this mistake because I missed the tournament, and I am ok with this but I want khổng lồ go baông chồng khổng lồ Egypt," Elgamal told AFP..

"Why am I not allowed to go back if I am OK & I tested negative?"

But doctor Piyaja Nagavajara insisted Elgamal had tested positive on the PCR thử nghiệm, which is the highest standard.

A subsequent antibody chạy thử indicated a "recent infection" and a chest x-ray led a team of doctors khổng lồ conclude that a "viral infection went lớn his lungs".

"I think the problem is a miscommunication or maybe we don"t have sầu an effective translator," Piyaja told AFP..