Thought out là gì

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The only apparent reason for this discrepancy is that the syntax of module declarations was not carefully thought out.
Arrangements were more thought out (although endings were often left khổng lồ chance!) & there was much more use of space và sitting out.
If he seems overbearing và one-sided in places, it is always because he has clearly thought out his position.
Such problems must be carefully thought out in advance before purchase và installation of equipment in a hospital, especially in the government sector.
Inauthentic behaviour is visible in ritualized forms of expression, in behaviour that is premeditated, rehearsed, thought out, controlled, & repeated.
A carefully thought out method of communication between all parties is imperative sầu for the effective transfer of information from user to lớn professional.
It is likely that abundant, cheap electricity providing artificial lighting, mechanical ventilation and cooling, all conspired to lớn allow the design of buildings to be less rigorously thought out.
In terms of global top-down organization, a text produced under on-line processing constraints is less well-planned, less thought out, và less organized & cohesive sầu than a written text.
It is up to date, well written & literally brims with carefully thought out discussions and summaries of the current " facts " concerning the neuropathology of schizophrenia.
While explicit limitations on term were likely lớn be carefully thought out, the laông chồng of a term limitation could result from either a conscious decision or from benign neglect.
The key element here is reflection, which can be carried out at a deep or shallow level, depending on whether the action is carefully thought out or instinctive sầu, respectively.

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In the metropole, restriction or accommodation was likely to lớn have been carefully thought out, due to the variety of industrial firms and their importance lớn the state economy.
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