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A typical day for a high school student will include arriving at school around 7:30 am (either by yellow bus, public transportation, walking or being dropped off by a parent). Students will pass through a unikhung check station, monitored by a building cấp độ leader lớn ensure he/she is in full unikhung. Students will then proceed inkhổng lồ the thể hình for breakfast. As breakfast is being served, students have the opportunity khổng lồ assist teachers (earning community service hours), read, study and/or engage in conversation with their peers.

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Đang xem: Typical day là gì

At 8:05 am, breakfast is over and the high school students are welcomed by a morning message given by the Principal or Dean of the school. The message sets the tone for the day, extends relationships outside of the classroom while helping to lớn create a healthy student culture.

Students are then released to their lockers khổng lồ put away their backpacks & coats & collect all materials needed for the day. Students then report to lớn homeroom during which the teacher takes attendance, reiterates the morning message, nhận xét other pertinent daily information with the students and gives them the opportunity to mentally prepare for the day. At 8:30 the bell rings and students have 90 seconds to lớn quickly get to lớn their first blochồng.

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All classes will begin with a Do Now, move sầu inlớn an engaging Lesson Opener & progress through Direct Instruction, Guided Practice, và Independent Practice until reaching the Exit Slip, which serves as an immediate assessment of the lesson objective sầu. Students will be expected to lớn work hard and showcase a “bởi vì whatever it takes” mentality when approaching their work.

Throughout the day, students have 4 classes that each last 90 minutes. In total, the students are simultaneously taking 8 courses each semester. These courses include:

Literature I/Literature IIAlgebra/GeometryPhysical Science/BiologyModern World History/Modern American HistoryWriting I/Writing IICollege PrepElectives

By midday, the students go to lunch & have another opportunity to lớn engage in conversation with friends, classmates and their teachers. At lunch, many students take advantage of eating with a teacher, building level leader and/or getting tutored by a peer. As in the morning, the principal or dean addresses the group for their afternoon message. The message usually focuses on observations made in the morning hours and/or strategies for their academic / behavior performance in the afternoon. As well as provides updates khổng lồ afterschool activities, and any teacher notes that need to be made.

After lunch the day continues until dismissal at 3:30pm. During dismissal students are permitted to lớn read and/or begin their homework. At 4:00pm, several students may attend an after school activity which may include, tutoring, athletics, choir and/or a special club led by a teacher. Overall, a day in the life of a NEO College Prep high school student is extended, incredibly rewarding & filled with activities that push student performance. Additionally, during this time all teachers are present and ensuring the process is one of the smoothest of the day.