Windows 7 Loader is a tool that is used to activate Windows 7 all versions such as trang chủ, Professional, Ultimate, và many more which I will add in the supported Windows Section.

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It is the best tool lớn activate your windows fast và easily. This activator is developed by the Team DAZ which is very famous for making activators.

If you are using any Windows activator then you must know about this team. Windows 7 Loader is a free activator và it doesn’t cost you a penny khổng lồ activate windows. This great activator has so many features that we are going khổng lồ discuss below. Also Check: Windows 7 Product Key

What Is Windows 7 Loader?

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1 What Is Windows 7 Loader?
2 Download Windows 7 Loader
3 How To Install Windows 7 Loader
4 How To Activate Window 7
5 Features
5.1 Additional Features Of Windows 7 loader
6 Alternatives
6.1 KMSPico
6.2 Windows 7 Activator
6.3 Microsoft Toolkit
6.4 KMSAuto Net
7 Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )
7.1 Q1) My windows are deactivated when I ran Startup repair?
7.2 Q2) I received a “Failed khổng lồ add a loader khổng lồ the boot code” message when I activate it?
7.3 Q3) I have sầu activated the Windows but after reboot, it shows “BAD SLIC SIZE” or “BAD SLIC DATA”, How to lớn solve sầu it?
7.4 Q4) Is Windows 7 loader safe to lớn use?
7.5 Q5) Is Windows 7 Loader không tính phí for I have sầu khổng lồ pay for it?
8 Conclusion


As I have mentioned above that Windows 7 Loader is a tool that is used khổng lồ activate Microsoft Windows OS.

It seems illegal because it activates windows không tính phí without buying the license copy from Microsoft. But you can’t say its 100% illegal it is just a loop in Window s OS which is from the beginning and they haven’t fixed it yet.

Windows 7 Loader replaces the original files from the Computer which uses khổng lồ think windows that it is an original copy.

It is mostly used to lớn Activate Windows 7 not only Professional but all the versions which Microsoft Launched.

System Requirements

The requirement for this tool is very simple. It doesn’t need any high requirements.

Works on almost all Windows Versions & Editions (Supported versions are mentioned above).1Ghz Processor50 MB Hard Drive sầu Space156 MB of RAM

Download Windows 7 Loader

Now as we learned the benefits of this amazing Windows 7 Loader now it’s time khổng lồ tải về it on your computer.

This is the guide for those who came to our website for the first time & face problems in downloading. Make sure khổng lồ read all the steps carefully khổng lồ avoid making mistakes otherwise you may fail to lớn get a tệp tin.

Download Windows 7 Loader

First of all, you need to click on the Download Windows 7 Loader button located below this guide.When you cliông xã on it this will redirect lớn your download page where you see more information about a tool. Read it if you want to otherwise clichồng on Download Now button which you see there.At this time you will see a new window opened where you find the Mega it will take some time lớn load the page and then you will see all the files there.Now from the above sầu menu, you see there is Download as Zipping so just tap on it và Mega will compress your files, and then it will automatically start downloading.

When you asked khổng lồ choose a location lớn save sầu your file it is recommended lớn choose the desktop because when we move to the installation process it will be easy lớn find the file

That’s it you have sầu now successfully downloaded this Windows 7 Loader on your computer but wait there is still something missing.

It is the installation process so move sầu to our below guide lớn learn how you can install and activate your Windows 7 by using this tool.

How To Install Windows 7 Loader

The installation process of a Windows 7 Loader is very easy but before this, we have to follow some steps. Follow the below steps carefully to lớn avoid making a mistake.

Before moving khổng lồ installation make sure khổng lồ disable the Windows Defender because it will delete this as soon as you extract the tool.

This is not because it has a virus but because these types of tools are blacklisted by Windows Defender or any other 3rd-các buổi tiệc nhỏ Antivi khuẩn.

So, make sure khổng lồ disable other Antivirus it is installed. For disabling, Windows Defender follow these steps below

Ope Start Menu> Search for Defender there & open the first Result you see there> From above menu Clichồng on Tools > then cliông chồng on Options > from options just untiông chồng Enable Real-Time Protection.

After Doing All these Clicks on Save Button và you ready to go lớn the next steps.

Now extract the zip file by using any extractor lượt thích WinRar, 7Zip, PeaZip or you can use Windows extractor as well.

You will then notice a new folder there with the same label as a zip file; mở cửa that folder & Right-click on the Windows Loader.exe cộ và then cliông chồng on Run as Administrator.

In case if you still see the Windows Protected message, then you need to cliông xã on See More và then click on Run Anyway.


Or you can disable it by going lớn Start Menu => Control Panel => System and Security => Change User Account Control Settings => Never Notify

Step 4: That’s it you will then see an installation Windows appear there so follow all the steps which you see there. You won’t be asked any special permission just install it like normal software.

After installing the tool on your computer just reboot your computer và after this you need lớn follow below activation guide.

How To Activate Window 7

So as we have installed the tool by using the above sầu guide now it’s time to learn how we can activate Windows with this loader. Please make sure khổng lồ read the steps twice or you may damage the system files or other sensitive sầu files.

1. First of all, you need lớn disable the antivirus program and virus defender và then right-click on the Win Loader icon, & then cliông chồng on Run as Administrator.

If you don’t find an icon there you can also access it by going to; Start Menu> Find in Recent Install or By Searching “Windows 7 Loader”.

2. You will then see a new window appears which is basically a Loader menu. This tool will automatically detect the Windows you are using, architecture, Ram, & other sorts of information.

3. Now you don’t need to lớn touch any other thing so simply click on the Install button you see there & wait for a moment.


The process will take a few seconds lớn complete and then you will see the Green Dot there, it means that your Windows is activated now. So, now simply restart your computer from Start Menu or by pressing Alt + CTRL + DLT button together.


When you restart the computer now you need khổng lồ right-click on My Computer and then click on Properties now Scroll Down & check the Windows Status.


That’s it you have sầu now successfully activated the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System with the help of Windows 7 Loader. This activation will remain until you install a fresh new Window and if you vày so you then again need lớn follow the same procedure.


This Activator is used lớn Activate Windows 7 và another version of this operating system. But after that let’s talk about the features this tool provides khổng lồ its users.



This loader is compatible with all the Windows versions & it supports both 32bit và 64bit respectively. This means you don’t need two software for activating Windows.

Aulớn System Detecting

It detects the system atomically which means you now don’t need to lớn select the Windows version by yourself. The software will detect your Windows version & its architecture automatically.

Virtual Machines Are Supported

It is supported by VMWare also. If you are using Windows on your VMWare or Virtual box or any Virtual Machine software to run another OS then you can also activate it by using this activator.

Automatic Mod

This tool has an automatic mode. It means that it will activate your windows within just clicks. It saves a lot of your time when activating your windows.

Custom Keys List

This activator has a custom keys các mục included. If you don’t want to activate by using Win7 Loader then you can also generate an activation key that you can use to activate Windows by yourself.

Compatible With All Languages

It’s Supports all the language systems. If you are using another language except for English on your computer then it will detect it automatically và then you can activate it also.

Secure Your System Files

This tool doesn’t affect your system files, also it will not modify them. Your files are 100% safe và secure.

Trial Reset

It has the ability to lớn rephối the Trial of your windows. If you don’t want to lớn activate windows then you can remix its trial & then it will give you another trial for the specific time.

100% Safe & Secure

Windows 7 Loader is 100% safe & secure khổng lồ use. It is trusted by many users và they are using it for years.

I have sầu also used This loader to lớn activate my operating system but now I am using Windows 10 and that’s why now I use KMSPico.

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Free Of Cost

Yes, you heard it right, This activator tool is the không tính tiền tool to activate Microsoft Windows Operating System.

It is the best tool which provides its all features totally không tính tiền, you don’t need to lớn buy a premium package. Also, this doesn’t contain any annoying advertisements.

Additional Features Of Windows 7 loader

Feature to check the Product key.It can bypass Windows Genuine Validation.Shows information for Installed Keys.It can detect public SLIC emulators.Added the ability to use external SLIC storage.WAT (Windows Activation Technology) FixIt allows you lớn add custom OEM information.It will not work in the background, your ram will not consume.


Since this tool is very old and there is no recent update of this available so you may face an issue when activating the lachạy thử Operating System.

In this case, you will be required khổng lồ have sầu the same activator as this which works perfectly without any issue. This is why I am listing some best alternatives of Windows 7 Loader which you need lớn have sầu a look at in case it doesn’t work.



In our alternatives các mục, KMSPiteo comes at the top of this because it is the most famous tool after Win Loader. It is also developed by TeamDaz and, just like this tool, it is also không lấy phí khổng lồ use.

Some people face Windows automatically deactivated issues when they use Loader for activation. So, this issue is solved in it and you will get the permanent activation 100% and no one yet complains about this.

With the help of this tool, you can activate the lademo version of Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7 as well. It is not only helpful in activating the Windows-only but with the help of this,

you can also activate most versions of Microsoft Office as well. This feature is missing in Loader while you will find it here & it supports all the latest versions including năm 2016. Instead of this, you can use it on both architectures no matter if it is x64 bit or x32 bit, it works on both.

Download KMSpico

Windows 7 Activator

Now since there are many people who are still looking for the Windows 7 Activator for themselves. Then let me tell you that this Windows 7 Loader is also called the Windows 7 Activator .

So, this means there are no two different activators for Win7 users. Don’t be confused between these two names so just get any of the files from our website và you will have that activated easily.

This is the same thing in which you will also get the full version of Windows 7 & even it provides a genuine license.

The license will remain for the rest of your life và will n0t expire until you install the fresh new Operating System on your machine.

Now I hope you understvà the concept of these two different names of a single Windows 7 Loader application.

Microsoft Toolkit


It is the second-best activator which is also the same as KMSPico because it supports the Key Management System. Instead of this it also provides its own activation process named EZ Activation.

This tool was first launched with the name of EZ Activator and it requires an internet connection for activation. Later they updated it which includes offline activation features with the help of the KMS system.

This tool is developed by the codyqx4  from My Digital Life (MDL) forums và it is also free to lớn use as other tools. As the name suggests this is used for the Microsoft products only which include Windows và Office respectively.

It has an option that is used to generate its own keys for manual activation. MS Toolkit supports the latest Windows 10, 8, 8.1, & 7 as well it also supports Office 2007, 2010, 2013, năm nhâm thìn, & 360.

Download Microsoft Toolkit

KMSAuto Net


This tool is known by many terms like KMSAuto lớn, KMSAuto Net, KMSAukhổng lồ Portable, & so on. It also works on the Key Management System và is a little bit similar to lớn KMSPico.

This tool is developed by the Ratiborus and this tool is also free to lớn use on as many computers as you want. The best thing about KMSAuto lớn is that it is not detectable by the Virus tools so you can use it without disabling it.

The portable version of KMS Aukhổng lồ is available which doesn’t require any installation and is the best version for those who don’t want to install it on the computer.

It is because there are still some people who think it contains a virus or malware but the truth is there is no virut or malware found in it.

I personally use it as my activator and I haven’t faced any issue till now so don’t be worry about that. Just like other activators, it is also used to activate Windows and Microsoft Office as well.

Download KMSAUTO < / su_button>

 Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Here are some most frequently asked questions which most of you want to know, also many people tìm kiếm about that on the mạng internet.

That’s why I have collected some of those questions và their answers.

But if you don’t find your question from this danh mục then you can ask me in the phản hồi section I will try my best khổng lồ respond to that question.

Q1) My windows are deactivated when I ran Startup repair?

Startup Repair rewrites the boot sector and removes all the keys which you used lớn activate windows. To avoid this problem following this:

Run Commvà Prompt in Administration and then type “bcdedit / set default bootstatuspolicy ignoreshutdownfailures”.

Q2) I received a “Failed khổng lồ add a  loader to lớn the boot code” message when I activate it?

To resolve sầu this issue you need khổng lồ disable system protection. This protection blocks the activator to avoid activating it.

Q3) I have sầu activated the Windows but after reboot, it shows “BAD SLIC SIZE” or “BAD SLIC DATA”, How to solve it?

For this, you need lớn uninstall Windows 7 Loader by using IObit Uninstaller & also remove sầu its system files.

Then reboot your machine và after that install it but during installing click on advance and choose khổng lồ ignore any existing SLIC và then just clichồng on the install button.

Q4) Is Windows 7 loader safe to lớn use?

Yes, of course, Windows 7 Activator is a không tính phí tool that provides a permanent activation solution for Windows 7 only. It is 100% safe to use và there is no virut or trojan found in it, this tool is also scanned by VirusTotal.

Q5) Is Windows 7 Loader không lấy phí for I have lớn pay for it?

This Windows 7 Loader is developed by the famous TeamDaz who makes other activators as well. It is 100% không lấy phí to use & there are no hidden charges or subscriptions in it. You can use it on as many computers as you want without paying a penny.


As you know that Windows 7 Loader is the best tool khổng lồ activate Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and also Windows Server 2012 & 2008. 

There are more alternatives also available which you can use lớn activate Windows.

If Windows 7 loader doesn’t work for you then you can try KMSPico it can be used to Activate Windows 10 và also Microsoft Office.

It is also a không tính phí tool and virut miễn phí you can read about this on my website.

Another activator is Microsoft Toolkit which is also the best alternative sầu to Windows 7 Loader. It is also the best tool và it can activate Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, và Microsoft Office 360, năm nhâm thìn, 2013, & so on. It’s very easy to use & the system UI is well designed.

You should try all the activators so that you find the one which suits best for your computer.

All these activators are free and you don’t need khổng lồ pay money. If you find any websites that are selling these tools then avoid them và download them from our website.

Our trang web provides all the activators for you in an easy & direct tải về links.

If you want any other activator please let me know in the bình luận section so that I write about that & give you the download links for that activator.

Also, mô tả it with your friends khổng lồ help them, because they share is care: D you can bookmark my trang web so you don’t miss any updates.